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About Beko
About Beko

Welcome to the world of Beko

Our story starts in 1955, as white goods were just becoming a fixture in every household. Since then, we’ve grown into Europe’s favorite freestanding home appliance brand.


Our desire to innovate for the good of our customers and our environment has already brought us a long way. Over the past two decades we have focused on innovation to make our customers’ life healthier and more convenient.


Today, Beko is the leading brand in the European white goods market and a global brand sold in more than 140 countries. It’s also the fastest growing brand in the European major domestic appliances market.

Satisfied customers

We’ve built on our 60+ years of experience and innovation, which led to...


Committed employees


Countries served


Global Factories




Our purpose

Our aim is to empower new generations to live healthier.


We want to inspire everyone to Live like a Pro. A Pro is not necessarily a professional athlete. Everyone can be a Pro, each in their own way, from the way they handle family matters to the way they cook or protect environment.


Inspired by our passion to impact people’s lives through our technologies, we want to democratize the healthy lifestyle.


This can be through products which support healthy lifestyle or which help to save time for healthy activities or with technologies that are more sustainable for healthier environment and so healthier people.




Our first global initiative


to combat childhood obesity:



Our First Global Initiative to fight childhood obesity: #EatLikeAPro


In 2017, we launched a global initiative to combat the dramatic rise in the rates of childhood obesity across the globe: Eat Like A Pro.


The objective of #EatLikeAPro is to help parents in getting the children to eat healthier. Knowing that children always do what their heroes do, we joined forces with famous athletes from all around the world to show how the biggest stars got to where they are by using every health benefit to maximize their performance. 



All partnerships united under one purpose:


Inspiring people to



Over the years, Beko has joined forces with various sports clubs and other enterprises to fulfil one purpose: to inspire people to Live Like A Pro. 


Our strong partnerships with clubs and enterprises connect Beko to the broader universe of healthy living. These partnerships endorse Beko’s healthy living goals on a global scale. Through our partners’ value, our advocation for a healthier life and democratization of healthy living becomes even more powerful.

Beko Partnership Logos
Beko Partnership Logos
EverFresh+® Fridge Freezers
Fruit & veg fresh for up to 30 days
AutoDose Dishwashers
Optimum detergent, efficient cleaning
Washing Machines with LedSpot™
Status indicator light
CleanZone® Ovens
Grease-resistant, easy-to-clean oven glass
Hobs with Direct Access Premium
Clear & simple controls